Some of the greatest symphonies ever



are the true signs of the richness of a culture. It is amazing and astonishing to see how symphony has evolved over the centuries. One could easily say that a symphony is to music what poems and Shakespeare is to literature. It is one of the most complex kinds of music genres today and to successfully compose a symphony is nothing less than a sign of genius.

What makes symphonies so complicated is the amount of instruments played in it. It is all about combining the sounds of every instrument in an orchestra; hence it is an orchestral music. It is extremely complicated as you must be able to tune in every instrument to compose a sound of emotions and intelligence hidden in this composition as a message. Symphonies were never so complicated, in fact Haydn, the father of symphonies who wrote the first symphony wrote a very simple and easy music. Let us discuss which great artists are considered to be some of the best musicians and composers in history.


Mozart composed one of the earliest creations in symphonies, Symphony no.41 in 1788. Mozart was considered to be the younger contemporary of the father of symphonies. It was Haydn’s inspiration that led to Mozart’s desire and admiration to compose a symphony just as brilliant as the works of Haydn. Haydn Symphony no. 102, an exceptional work the likes of which we have never seen again. This symphony was the best of all of Haydn’s works. It was also the first symphony ever written by Haydn and has forever since remained the hearts of all music appreciators. Haydn was also the first of all musicians to stop calling the genre an overture, which is how it was recognized in the 1790s.


Beethoven’s symphony no.9, which many may know because of Windows, is considered to be the only symphony that may last forever. It is simply a work of brilliance and art. The Symphony is distributed into three movements. The first movement, starts with a minor key and is completely ground breaking, just like the starting of the construction of a new building. The second movement is all about the future, and the third movement is by stand the most unique movement ever written and the finale simply makes you hold on to your seats.


Berlioz symphony ‘Fantastique’, is all about a story. Berlioz was obsessed with a young woman that he referred to as Harriet Smithson, but after she ends up rejecting Berlioz, the Symphony ends in a murderous conclusion of the women. Such was the story of the Symphony.


Right after Beethoven, if there is any artist that came close to the legend’s work was Brahams with his Symphony No.2. This symphony is an inspiration and a must listen for any student trying to compose a symphony even today.

Cesar Franck

The Symphony in D minor by Cesar Franck was one of the most works in Symphonies in the 19th century.


Symphony No. 9, Dvorak was an excellent writer of symphonies. His works with melodies and tunes were completely unique throughout the 19th century. This was Dvorak’s first work while he was visiting the USA.


Named by its composer “The Symphony of a Thousand” because of its large orchestra that was required to compose it, the symphony requires 200 instruments and 800 vocalists to play.

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